Albie Bennett, Dean Dickinson, and I (burns) will be heading to Houston TX April 12th to Fletcher Bike Studio at 2pm. Meet at the shop, hang and ride street to down town Houston. We have some free product to give out for whoever gap’s the furthest and possibly some other maneuver’s. Lets get weird – Burns

If you do not have Instagram, we suggest you get it. And we highly suggest you follow us @bone_deth lots of deadman riding and a lot of babes

Get a look into half of the deadman team’s bone mobile’s and an insight to our bikes at DIG BMX Yes that is the link click on DIG BMX photos taken by Andrew White on our last bone tour BONE DEAD FOREVER. – burns

After years now of testing the Bone Deth 48s. We keep going in. and why keep testing? well we ride like this always and we want to make sure these wheels hold up for us. And I think it is safe to say that they are solid. Right now hubs and rims are sold separately, but complete wheel sets will be available in May. cheese the butt – burns