I’ve been riding and hanging with my bud Robbie Nelson. He’s a younger dude that has always been a badass shredder and he’s always been really into Bone Deth. He’s a blast to watch ride so I figured I would go out to his hometown of Lakeside and see what the spots are like and maybe try to get some clips.To give you an idea of how big this town is we basically rode to all four corners in one day. I have a lot of respect for Robbie and his bud Ernesto because they have very limited spots and they can really shred em. Robbie mostly rides alone and sometimes with his bud Ernesto so its really just the two of them. It kinda reminds me of how spoiled some of us are with all our perfect skateparks and epic street set ups. Anyways toward the end our day we were pedaling back to Robbie’s truck and pedaled EVER SO GENTLY through a stop sign at a four way stop. A highway patrol man who was several cars up raced up to our side and told us to pull over. Dude made us feel like we just robbed a bank or something. The nice gentleman was very brief in his words. In our defense we mentioned that a man who was the only opposing traffic waved us on. Naturally we slowed down but then continued on when the other driver had waived us on. The Officer didn’t seem to care and before we new it we were both written tickets and the cop drove off in less then five minutes. Complete bullshit. In a town where underage kids smoke cigarettes and do drugs in the park, we’re getting tickets for pedaling through stop signs where theres little to no traffic. The day was still fun but unfortunately we cam home with no clips and a saucy ticket. So remember kids to come to a “COMPLETE” stop when juicing around town. And to the cop, who’s name I can’t even read because of his illegible chicken scratch, you can “SUCK IT!”
Dirt Ron

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