Lately Ive been havin motorcycle boners with my buds going to swap meets and trying to get my other bike running.
Went to the SoCal Cycle Swap in long beach with my buds Hoang and Walker. There were all types of weird people trying
to barter and scam. Its an interesting environment. They have vintage bicycles, a little bmx, as well as motorcycle goodies. I even ran into
DJ Grayboys sidehack monkey, Patrick, who was selling some old school bmx radness.We woke up at the butt crack of dawn to
check that out. Aside from that I’ve been shredding the bmx freestyle machine at some local skateparks and on DA STREETS!
At one of the local parks a drunk driver hit a barrier, launching over a 7ft tall fence, in his minivan, landing in one of the bowls.
The drunk asshole and his dog survived and walked away from the accident. Pretty amazing. Usually people just plow through
the fence into the skatepark but this is the first successful minivan launch into the park, SHREDBONER.

I’ve been riding the vert little more at the local clairemont skatepark. Sometimes its just nice to just go fast and air a giant quarter pipe when your all sore from bunnyhoppin. Simon Tabron comes down to clairemont sometimes and just destroys. Currently the best VERT tabes in my opinion and an awesome one handed tabes too. He has all these crazy little tips for riding the ramp that make it seem a little less big and it’s always more fun when you got a bud to shred with. I’m workin on a little video bike check for the site so look forward to that. It should be a little different the the same old plane jane bike check.

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