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Jay Wilson, Colt Fake, and I… riding with the Sparkys Brands for the Sparkys Night Session Video. Colt has the banger and it is pretty fried! – Burns

A look into Jay Wilson’s Bone Deth set up. Photo’s by Leo Furmansky. @thebodegas

Frame: Bone Deth Jay Wilson Motorbone 21″

Fork: Bone Deth Bottom Feeders

Stem: Bone Deth Muffin Top Load

Headset: Hell on Wheels

Bars: Bone Deth Deadman bars 8″ rise

Grips: Bone Deth Burning Rubbers

Rims: Bone Deth Bio Dome 48′s front and rear

Hubs: Bone Deth PH 48′s front and rear

Hub Gaurds: Bone Deth PH gaurds front and rear

Pegs: Bone Deth Diet Grinders front and rear

Sprocket: Bone Deth Speedfreak Sprocket 30 tooth

Cranks: Shadow Conspiracy

Pedals: Shadow Conspiracy

Chain: Wipperman 1g8

Seatpost: Bone Deth postman

Seat: Bone Deth Vibrator leather/spider seat slim

Tires: Animal GLH 2.25 front and rear

Fork Cap: Banned Stash Cap



what does the iceman have up his sleeve? something cooking but not melting. look soon for some new things from Kert Petersel. photo Mike Cottle

Bone Dad’s sneak session at Texas Toast 2014. Colt Fake, Dean Dickinson, Robbie Nelson, Dirt Ron, and Jay Wilson. quick weekend snips. shot by Dean and myself – burns

Check out Ride BMX’s video from saturdays qualifying highlights… Colt Was not registered in the event but took a rebel run after trey jones and hell he got the banger. this rules. hell yeah colt!