Jay has a rad interview up on DIG BMX
Shot by our buddy Leonid Furmansky. Jay has gotten too wild, check the photo’s for an insight to his part in the up and coming bone deth dvd THE DIRTY SNIFF

Albie Bennett has been running this nearly completely all bone bike for over two years now. Bone Deth Bastard frame, PH 48′s, penetrator cranks, Deadman Bars, burning rubber grips, vibrator seat, speedfreak sprocket, diet grinders and even the one and only prototype front load iron fist stem. 

The strongest and most sleek Bone Deth frame yet. This thing has taken 19 months of abuse. I highly suggest you get a motorbone before we don’t make them anymore. Or perhaps if you buy one, we can keep making them! It’s all on you cat’s. Keep the bone alive baby. Thank and cheers to all bone heads and bone supporters. We can’t do this with out you. – Burns       photo Leonind Furmansky. 

Dad & a few of the other Bone heads got aholed of some pools in Texas, click the pic to take a look.

We will be coming through Fletcher Bike Studio on Sunday at 2pm. Myself, Dean Dickinson, and Albie Bennett. After we hang at the shop come street riding with us through out down town Houston. Cheers cob – burns